Luxury Hotels/Resort Group - HEART MIND PROJECT

Luxury Hotels/Resort Group

Leadership/Team Synergy Hospitality

The General Manager brought in HeartMath for a weekend retreat for his entire management team to address the stress they were causing each other.

Management team discovered that while they enjoyed the awards and praise of their success:

  • They were all suffering from success syndrome.
  • High expectations to run a flawless show all year.
  • No downtime, no slow season.
  • A much faster pace and increased pressure.
  • All were exhausted and facing burnout with nothing left to give to their families after work.


  • Noticeable shift in the relationships in the management team
  • The staff were both intrigued and pleased to see the managers were relaxed and enjoying each other.
  • The staff welcomed kinder, more tolerant managers, who were communicating better and being more productive.
  • This generated a more positive, caring culture for the customers.


Because the whole management team experienced the training together, their common experience laid a strong foundation for the organization. To bring similar benefits to the staff and integrate these practices into the organizational culture, two of the managers became certified to deliver HeartMath programs to the staff.

Quality/Safety Grocery-Pharmacy

Grocery-Pharmacy Company

The VP Pharmacy was concerned with managing incident rates (medication errors). A survey revealed that pharmacists requested information on stress.
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Stress/Patient Experience Barts Health NHS Trust

Barts Health NHS Trust

Barts Health NHS Trust* needed a solution –to reduce high stress levels on three clinical wards and one reception area. This was the first trial of the HeartMath Revitalizing Care Program in the UK.
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