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The True Power of the Heart

The old saying goes,

“The longest journey you will ever make is from your head to your heart”.


In a world where thinking is seen as a defining trait, and living in a world where our accelerated lifestyle is forcing us to keep up, we constantly face the challenge of running out of time or being left behind, the end result is ending up feeling tired drained and caught in a cycle of cause and effect.

The feeling of disconnection, lack of meaning and overwhelm depletes our energy, and getting ahead seems more like a struggle than embracing possibility.

Well I‘m here to share with you that it doesn’t have to be that way, there is another way. 

It’s time to get out of our head and into your heart!!!!

We’ve all heard expressions like, a team played with heart, a singer sung from the heart, the person gave a heartfelt speech, that relationship ripped my heart out...etc, etc...We have used these expressions and many more for years, not even thinking what it might mean and or trying to understand this untapped power of the heart.


The above points us to another perception about the heart, not only is the heart aligned with the emotions of Love, Gratitude, Acceptance and Compassion but with Altruism, Courage, Nobility, Powerful and Purpose so as you see being heart led is not all about the softer emotions it is about the balance of the full spectrum of emotions lived through the heart. 

The heart is so much more than just a muscle pumping blood;

  • Science has shown the heart is the centre for intuitive intelligence.
  • The heart sends 9.5 times the information to the brain than the brain does to the heart.
  • The heart beat synchronises the nervous system.
  • Affects cortical functioning (thinking ability).
  • To a large degree the heart determines the hormones/neurochemicals released into your body.
  • Your heart/mind connection is what allows you to think clearly and perform in an optimal way, resulting in an energising flow that allows your day to unfold.
  • Heart led intuition guides your life in a way that thinking simply just can’t, resulting in a sense of knowingness about your path not anxiety and stress.
  • Has the ability to control your parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Is able to create new baselines of behaviour, reducing stress and anxiety.


When you lead a heart led life and use the power of the heart you experience more of everything;

  • More energy.
  • More body health.
  • More emotional resilience.
  • More quality of life.
  • More richness.
  • Deeper more meaningful relationships.
  • More productivity.
  • Enhanced creativity and a deep sense of knowing your soul purpose.


A heart led life is all about more of everything!!!!       

That’s why I created the Heart Mind Project.  Our mission is to inspire and support you on your journey to a heart led life. A journey that will challenge you, shift the way you perceive the world and ultimately define you….

I know you’re the only one that can take your journey, that’s why we’re here. To share the wisdom we and other people have learnt on their journey of living from the heart, and share this with you.

The Heart Mind Project is a place where you can grow, develop and evolve in a safe, authentic and inclusive environment, using tools and techniques that are based on science and life experience.

It’s your time to re-invent and invigorate your life, it’s your time to shine, to realise your dreams and live the life you have designed.

Welcome to your first step in a Heart Led Life….

Welcome to the Heart Mind Project…..