The Heart Mind Project Mission is to inspire and guide people to Live from their Heart, create clarity, meaning, purpose and alignment in their life by living from their heart.

To help you take your own incredible journey we have sourced and created training courses with a mix of science based and personal material I’ve personally chosen and for crafted for you.

We’ve partnered with global Heart authority Heart Math Institute® to be able to deliver to you the Resilience Advantage® Program. 

Here’s what’s in store for you;

Module 1:       Introduction

Module 2:       Resilience

Module 3:       The sound track to our emotions

Module 4:       Depleting to Renewing emotions

Module 5:       Heart Focussed Breathing

Module 6:       Inner-Ease™ Technique

Module 7:       The Physiology of Coherence and Optimal Functioning

Module 8:       Depletion to Renewal

Module 9:       Quick Coherence Technique

Module 10:     Emwave® Pro Demo

Module 11:     Building Sustainable Resilience

Module 12:     Practical Intuition

Module 13:     Freeze Frame® Technique

Module 14:     Relation Energetics

Module 15:     Energetics of Communication

Module 16:     Coherent Communication Technique

Module 17:     Establishing a new baseline

Module 18:     Heart Lock-in Technique

Module 19:     Strategies for building resilience capacity

Additional Modules

Module 20:     Balanced Care vs Over Care

Module 21:     Heart Mapping

Module 22:     A short Perception Test (Intentional blindness)

Module 23:     Sleep and Resilience

Module 24:     Emwave2® Technology       

The Program can be delivered in sessions from 1 hour to 2 full days and can be configured in a way to suit your budget and your specific needs, whether it be for a business or an individual.

The format of the Program means it lends itself to being delivered in a Classroom, Auditorium, Lecture Theatre or online via a Webinar, Skype, Zoom or other interactive platform.

Businesses might want to do the training in-house, and individuals might want something more one on one.  Irrespective of the outcome the Resilience Advantage™ Program can be configured to deliver a result for you. 

We have a range of Case Studies across many different industries in the Case Studies section.

To enquire about the training with Heart Mind Project, reach out to us and start the conversation… contact us

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