HMP - Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression


The Heart Mind Project is a company with a mission to help every person on earth to live from their heart.

What does living from the heart mean?

Living from the heart means you can access the Power of the Heart through a range of simple but powerful scientifically proven techniques that create coherence. This is the synchronising of the heart and the mind. The net effect is clearer more inspired thinking, reduction of stress, creation of emotional resilience and a significant improvement in your quality of life indicators.

We achieve this through delivering cutting edge science based programs that have stood rigorous academic scrutiny and have been delivered with massively successful results to people all walks of life and in all types of businesses.

Since 1991 this program has had over 300 peer reviewed journals written about it and no one has yet been able to disprove the science.

It seems funny that the science is of the head and the core values of the heart being; Love, Kindness, Compassion and Empathy come together in this program. It seems that today, science is starting to prove what the Mystics have known for thousands of years. The key to a successful and empowered life is living through the heart.   

So living and working from your heart is part science and all about the Power of the Heart.

The Resilience Advantage™ Program for Business and for People has been positively impacting thousands of people worldwide, with a positive impact on all KPI’s. You can see some of the results for people and for business on their pages on the site.

To be honest, the thing we love about the Program is that the science is super complicated and to do it is super simple. If you can breathe you can do this and you WILL get results and those results can be measured in your very own App.

Come join our tribe and start an inspired Heart Led Life….

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